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School Improvement Plan


Goal 1

Mountain Shadows will reduce the amount of students scoring below by 10% by using appropriate school intervention programs and practices to help students meet achievement goals.   

Action Steps

Teachers will provide interventions to individual students who are scoring below benchmark in reading. Provide targeted strategies for students, small group instruction based on DIBELS Progress Monitoring data (K-3) and District Reading Benchmarks (3-6).

Students will work toward meeting their targeted usage goals in their individual skill areas, based on the Lexia Core 5 self-paced learning program.

Tied to School Land Trust Plan

School Land Trust funds will be used to pay for salaries and benefits for our interventions and instructional assistants.

Goal 2 

Mountain Shadows students will know what they are expected to learn, where they are in their learning, what they need to do to progress in their learning, and how they will know when they have achieved their learning goals.

Action Steps

Students will track their own progress toward individual goal based on results of Benchmark data in Language Arts and Math.

Teachers will use learning targets before, during and after lessons with fidelity.

Tied to School Land Trust Plan

The cost of substitutes as needed for teachers to attend professional development in areas related to Tier 1 teaching, peer observations, and/or student data.