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Parking Lot Safety

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Dear Parents,

Please take a few minutes to review the school rules for dropping off and picking up students at school.  We have noticed an increase of unsafe practices and need to correct them so that our students can arrive safely and on time.  We need your continued help and cooperation.  Please follow these rules to ensure that you can get in and out of the parking lot quickly.

  1. THERE IS NO PARKING IN THE DROP-OFF LANE!  This is a drop-off or pick up lane only.  If you need to exit your vehicle, please park in the parking lot.  Not only does parking in the drop-off lane make it hard for our other parents to get into the lane, but also it is against the law and you could get ticketed.  
  2. Please have your child ready to exit the vehicle when you arrive at the school.  We do understand that there are days when you are running behind but if you need a few extra minutes with your child please park in a parking space and walk them to the crosswalk.
  3. Please don't encourage or ask that your children run across traffic to get to your parked car.  For our students' safety always use crosswalks if available.
  4. Please pull all the way forward when you drop your child off.  We understand how convenient it is to drop off at the west end of the school, but it makes it very difficult for anyone else to get in to either of the lanes in the parking lot. This is causing severe congestion - even on 7000 S. in front of the school.  We have a large number of students in our school and we need to accommodate everyone.  If everyone pulls all the way forward, we can get more cars into the drop-off lane.
  5. Please have your child exit out the right side of the vehicle.  It is not safe for them to exit on the left into the thru lane.  Please never stop in the thru lane, especially to drop off or pick up children.  This not only impedes the traffic but is very dangerous for your child.
  6. If there are cars passing you in the thru lane please let them by before you pull into that lane to exit the parking lot.  They have the right of way.
  7. Please be kind to our teachers on duty. They are following the rules to keep all students safe.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  We are always looking for additional volunteers to help in the parking lot.  If you are interested in helping please let us know.

Ms. Susuico, Principal


Safety Information

Students should arrive to school between 8:15 a.m. - 8:25 a.m., unless they are eating breakfast, which starts at 8:00 a.m.   Arriving earlier than 8:15 a.m., or later than 8:25 creates safety concerns for your students.  As students arrive for school they should line up outside of their grade doors while they wait for the teacher to bring them into school.  We do not have any recess activities; swings, basketball, football, etc. that go on before or after school.

Please follow all rules for dropping off and picking up students at school.  This will ensure that you are able to get in and out of the parking lot quickly and our students will be safe.   When pulling into or out of the parking lot, remember to look out for students and take turns.  This will keep the traffic coming from and to the street moving safely and smoothly.  If any students are crossing 7000 South, they will need to use the crosswalk.

Due to safety and congestion concerns, High School and Middle School students who walk to Mountain Shadows to pick up children should come alone; no additional friends, relatives, etc.  Also they should not arrive on the school grounds sooner than 5 minutes before school gets out.

We have a large amount of older students who tend to “hang out” on the school grounds after school hours and in the evenings- especially in warmer weather.  We see an increase of vandalism, and other related problems associated with mischief which occur after hours.  Students of all ages coming to our school need to follow the school rules of safety and courtesy.  We have digital cameras that help us identify trespassers.  If you see mischief occurring at school on weekends and after hours, please contact the West Jordan Police Department.

Dogs are not allowed on school grounds at any time unless it is a service animal. 

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