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We Are Testing

We have started our year-end assessments for all grade levels.  We realize that this can be a stressful event for some of our students, but it is important to keep in mind that we measure progress in many different ways- most can't be seen in the form of data on these evaluations.  Please help your child to prepare for testing by making sure they are getting enough sleep, eating a good breakfast before school each day, and remembering to think things through to do their best. 

Grades 3-6 will be involved in SAGE testing in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics and for 4-6 grade, Science.  This computer based testing will give teachers information about growth of in comparison to other students in the same demographic groups state wide.
All students will be given District Benchmark Assessments in Reading, Writing and Math - these assessments measure individual growth scores compared to themselves.
Students in K-3 will also be given the Dibels Reading fluency assessment which gives us information about whether or not they are on level in Reading and Comprehension.
Kindergarten Students will be assessed individually using the KEEP (Kindergarten Entry and Exit Profile) Assessment.  They will have appointments beginning on Friday, May 18 - 25.  There will be no school for kindergarten students on these 6 days.

 We Want Kindergarten Students!

We are now enrolling Kindergarten Students for the 2018-19 school year.  If you have a child who will be 5 years old on or before September 1, they qualify for kindergarten.  We are registering these students now!
If you know of children in your neighborhood whose parents may need this information, please pass it along!

Upcoming Schedule Changes

Memorial Day Recess-  Monday May 28, 2018

Bully Blockers

Bullying is one-sided, intentional, and repeated.
Bullying is when someone purposely hurts, frightens, or threatens someone else.
Bullying is when someone purposely leaves out, ridicules, spreads rumors, or makes offensive comments to someone else. 

Bully Blocker Pledge

I agree to not BULLY other students.
I will help students who are BULLIED by speaking out and getting adult help.
I will include students who are left out.

Jordan District Calendars

 To see the Elementary Calendar for this year (2017-18),  please visit the district website -

2017-18 Jordan District Traditional Calendar Packet

Did You Know...

Kindergarten Registration is going on NOW for 2018-19.

Our School Musical this year is Madagascar.  It will be presented May 15 & 17 at 7:00.  It will also be presented May 15 & 16 at 9:30 in the morning.

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