Daily Schedule

  • AM Kndg. M-Th 8:25 – 11:10

  • AM Kndg. Fri. 8:25 – 10:30

  • PM Kndg. M-Th 12:25 – 3:05

  • PM Kndg. Fri. 11:25 – 1:25


    1st – 6th Grade  M-Th 8:25 – 3:05

  • 1st – 6th Grade  Fri. 8:25 – 1:25

    Note: If the last day of the week is Wednesday or Thursday, we will follow the Friday Schedule.




 Breaking News!


Bad Air is Bad for Everyone

We watch our air quality very closely this time of year and will keep students inside when the air is unsafe for children to be outside for recess.  A few things to keep in mind:
1.  Just because there is fog, doesn’t mean the air is bad.  Bad air means that the particulate matter in the air is at a level that is unhealthy to breathe.
2.  Just because it is sunny, doesn’t mean t
he air is good.  Air can be bad even if it looks sunny outside.  

We want your help in keeping our air clean for everyone.  If you are arriving early to pick up children, please turn your car engine off.  Idling in our drop-off zone for more that a minute puts unwanted exhaust and dirty particles in our air.  Please turn your engines off and wait until the bell rings to turn them back on after school.  

Upcoming Schedule Changes

Here are a few schedule changes for December and January.  Please keep these dates in mind and let daycare providers know of changes in pick up times for students.  We hope you all enjoy your winter recess and that you are able to spend some quality time with your children and families.

Thursday, December 21- Early Schedule
Friday, December 22-Monday, January 1-  Winter  Recess.
Tuesday January 2, 2018-  
School Resumes
Monday, January 15, No School. Martin Luther King Day.
Tuesday, January 16, No School for students because of Grade Transmittal Day


Bully Blockers

This year, we are implementing a new Anti-bullying curriculum that is designed for preventing and reducing bullying in our school.

Each child will participate in short mini-lessons once or twice each week that teach them what bullying is, what to do about it, how to help others, and encourage them to work together to take a stand against bullying.  We are excited to help students develop strategies that can be used in any situation where they may feel vulnerable.  

Check this website often for tips and tricks to help your child.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is one-sided, intentional, and repeated.
Bullying is when someone purposely hurts, frightens, or threatens someone else.
Bullying is when someone purposely leaves out, ridicules, spreads rumors, or makes offensive comments to someone else. 

Bully Blocker Pledge

I agree to not BULLY other students.
I will help students who are BULLIED by speaking out and getting adult help.
I will include students who are left out.


Jordan District Calendars

 To see the Elementary Calendar for this year (2017-18),  please visit the district website –

2017-18 Jordan District Traditional Calendar Packet


Did You Know…

We have a new Music Teacher?  We received a grant from the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP) to hire a part time music instructor.  Miss Coleman will meet with each class every other week to teach basic music skills.  We are happy to have her with us!

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