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Kindergarten Orientation

Mrs. Susuico


A message from Mrs. Susuico

I am so excited to be your principal this year! 

You’re going to learn so much in kindergarten. I can’t wait to visit you in your classroom, whether you’re doing online learning or coming to school in-person, I love popping into classrooms as much as I can. Visiting classrooms is the highlight of my day when I get to observe students learning. It puts a big smile on my face. Who knows? I just may ask you some questions about what you’re learning. So be ready to show what you know.

Always remember to try your best, be kind to others, and shine like the stars you are.

Mrs. Hobbs

Administrative Assistant

A message from Mrs. Hobbs

Welcome to Mountain Shadows Elementary School!

Here are a few things to know:

  • Please help your child learn their phone number.
  • Label everything… coats, jackets, backpacks, etc. We have a large pile of coats left here at school every year.
  • Please notify the office of any changes to phone numbers, addresses, persons picking up that are not on the emergency contact list.
  • We do ask for your ID when checking students out from school.
  • If you’re planning on going on vacation, you can ask for an Educational Leave. Students are allowed up to 10 days.
  • If absent, please call and let us know, we have an automated calling system that will call if the student is not here.
  • Kindergarten testing will be August 7 – 11, 2023. You will sign up for the time that works best for your schedule. 
  • The first day for kindergarten students is August 23, 2023.
  • Immunizations are so important, please bring your child’s immunization record before the first day of school.
  • All medications need to have the proper medication form completed and turned into the office. Students are not allowed to keep medications in their bag, this includes Neosporin, Vaseline, etc.
  • The bike rack is not locked up, so please bring a lock from home.

Health Care Needs and State Requirements


State law requires certain immunizations to be able to enter into public school.  You will need to bring a copy of your child's immunization records to the office.  If you need financial assistance there are resources available.

Our office has lots of answers, so please ask your questions!


If you are unable to immunize your child, or if you choose not to immunize your child, you must get an exemption.  The health department has an online module to complete.  If there is an outbreak of a communicable disease in the school...

Vision Screening

Good vision is important for learning.  Please ask for a vision screening for your child at their next Well Child Exam.  We will also do screenings in the fall here at school and financial assistance is available for those that need it.

Medications at School

If your child needs to take medications while at school, we can help with that!  We need the proper forms in order to do so.  All medications must be checked-in at the office by an adult.  Please make sure to have the original packaging and pharmacy label, and make sure the medication is not expired.  Student medications will be kept in the office.

Your child may carry their own inhalers, Epipens, and diabetic medications (Insulin and Glucagon) if your doctors sign the form allowing them to do so.

Care Plans

Please let the office know right away if your child has any medical needs.  Please complete the request for health services form.  We want to make sure your child has what they need in order to succeed.  We train our staff to respond to medical needs.

Jordan School District Forms

Below are the forms you will need for student medication and health care plans.  We also have copies of these forms in the office.

Jordan School District Nursing Services School Medication Authorization Form

Jordan School District Nursing Services Request for Special Health Care Services and Release of Confidential Information Form

School Nurse

Here is contact information for our School Nurse, Mrs. Danielson:

Rachel Danielson


Contact Information

(385) 256-6199

REMINDER:  Please keep your child home if they are not feeling well.  Thank you!