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Distinguished Cub

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Click here to download a .pdf copy of the Kindergarten D-Cub Requirements

First Grade

Click here to download a .pdf copy of the First Grade D-Cub Requirements

Second Grade

Click here to download a .pdf copy of the Second Grade D-Cub Requirements

Third Grade

Click here to download a .pdf copy of the Third Grade D-Cub Requirements

Fourth Grade

Click here to download a .pdf copy of the Fourth Grade D-Cub Requirements

Fifth Grade

Click here to download a .pdf copy of the Fifth Grade D-Cub Requirements

Sixth Grade

Click here to download a .pdf copy of the Sixth Grade D-Cub Requirements

Distinguished Cub Requirements

 Your child will receive this award if they complete 7 out of the 13 requirements by the year-end deadline.

  1. Recognize all upper-case and lower-case alphabet letters
  2. Know sounds for all 26 alphabet letters
  3. Reads 25 Kindergarten sight words – a, in, it, and, I, my, like, see, have, do, to, is, the, he, play, go, can, she, you, on, said, with, they, for, are, was, as, has, very, no, yes, that, of, be, from, had, me, by, look, here, into, her
  4. Be able to add to 10.
  5. Be able to subtract under 10.
  6. Count by 1’s to 100.
  7. Count by 5’s to 100.
  8. Count by 10’s to 100.
  9. Identifies all shapes – circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, rhombus, trapezoid, and hexagon.
  10. Can hop on one foot, skip, and jump rope.
  11. Participate in the school PTA Reflections contest
  12. Writes first and last name with good handwriting and appropriate capitals.
  13. Write all numbers one through 30.

 We expect all students to have excellent behavior in class and to complete school work in an appropriate time.

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  First Grade
Distinguished Cub Requirements

 12 of the 16 must be completed to receive the award

  1. Complete 80% of expected reading minutes (100 minutes) per week.
  2. Minimum 90% homework assigned returned on time during the year.
  3. Master assigned first grade sight words list at 90%.
  4. Write and illustrate a story at home and share it with the class.
  5. Complete a book report at home and share it with the class.
  6. Master the addition facts to 20 with 90% accuracy.
  7. Master the subtraction facts to 20 with 90% accuracy.
  8. Know the home row key placement on the computer.
  9. Participate in Reflections.
  10. Say and write first name, last name, address, and phone number with complete accuracy.
  11. Have 10 or less tardies.
  12. Have 10 or less absences.
  13. Master 6 of 8 skills:  skip, gallop, dribble a ball 5 times, jog for 3 minutes consecutively, jump rope 5 times consecutively, balancing on each foot for 3 seconds, hop on foot for 10 feet.
  14. Citizenship.  Students will receive only “E” (excellent) or “S” (satisfactory) on his/her report card throughout the school year.
  15. Learn to tie your shoes.
  16. Count and write numbers to 120 by ones, fives, and tens.

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Second Grade
Distinguished Cub Requirements

At least 12 requirements must be met

  1. Addition facts to 20 – Pass with 90% or higher
  2. Subtraction Facts to 20 – Pass with 90% or higher.
  3. 2-digit addition facts at 90% or higher.
  4. 2-digit subtraction facts at 90% or higher.
  5. Submit a reflections entry.
  6. Complete 3,000 minutes of home reading during the year (reading minutes must be turned in on time).
  7. Complete and return Reading Quilt.
  8. Complete AT HOME a one month Weather Journal.
  9. Recognize and count coins up to the amount of $1.00.
  10. Get 12 spelling tests with 100%.
  11. Complete and return homework on time (90%).
  12. Demonstrate the ability to tell time in 5 minute increments.
  13. Publish at least 3 student authored stories, following teacher's directions.
  14. Locate 7 continents and 5 oceans on a map or globe.
  15. Memorize and write your first and last name, phone number, address, and birthday.
  16. Demonstrate appropriate 2nd grade behavior as determined by the teacher.
  17. Participate in the culture fair.
  18. Identify all grade level sight words.
  19. Have no more than 5 days tardy or absent during the year.

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Third Grade
Distinguished Cub Requirements

Must complete at least 12 items

  1. Publish 6 written compositions with two or more paragraphs and an illustration.
  2. Complete 55 hours of home reading.
  3. Participate in a third grade sports competition: kick ball, soccer, soft ball, jump-the-rope, etc.
  4. Create a report using information gathered at home or in school from the internet. The information is then written by student in his own words.
  5. Invite a parent or friend to come to talk to the class about another country, culture, or an occupation. This should be scheduled before May 31st.
  6. Submit a Reflection entry.
  7. Complete the Cursive Booklet and pass the final cursive test.
  8. Pass off 100 multiplication and division facts with 90% on final evaluation.
  9. Be able to identify and label all the letters on a keyboard and pass off the home row.
  10. Complete 5 book reports, one of which is a presentation to the class and one that is a powerpoint.
  11. Participate in one Reader’s Theater.
  12. Improve scores one whole grade in one subject.
  13. Participate in the Craft and Hobby Fair.
  14. 5 or fewer tardies.
  15. Walk/run one mile.
  16. Compile a collection of 5 poems (3 of which are original).
  17. Participate in the School Choir.
  18. Memorize 3 poems (8 lines or more).
  19. Participate in 3 service projects:
    a) with your family--(for example: taking food to someone in need).
    b) for you community--(food drive, shoes for Christmas, singing at Care Centers for the elderly, etc.).
    c) for your school..(box tops, flip top lids from soft drinks, fund raisers at school..)
  20. Read one book from each of 6 genres--(fairy tales, legions, myths, tall tales, comedy, fantasy, adventure, mystery, realistic faction, sports, poetry, nonfiction..) After reading the book, student will write a short summary and page and give it to the teacher.

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Fourth Grade
Distinguished Cub Requirements

Must complete at least 12 items

  1. Math: Score 95% or higher on the Subtraction Facts Timed Test.
  2. Math: Score 90% or higher on the Multiplication Facts Timed Test.
  3. Math: Score 90% or higher on the Division Facts Timed Test.
  4. Reading:  Complete 4,000 home reading minutes.
  5. Reading:  Read one book from each of five (5) different genres.  Genres:  mystery, historical fiction, realistic fiction, poetry, adventure, fantasy, folktales/legends, non-fiction, how-to-books, magazine, plays, biographies/autobiographies.
  6. Reading:  Read 20 chapter books (on appropriate reading level).
  7. Spelling: Pass 20 or more tests with a score of 95% - 100%.
  8. Writing:  Publish 6 works with correct spelling and grammar.
  9. Science:  Complete a Science Fair experiment.
  10. Utah History:  Submit a project and report at the Utah Fair.
  11. Utah History:  Recite from memory all the counties in Utah.
  12. Music:  Play “Ode to Joy” & “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the recorder.
  13. Plan and participate in 8 hours of community service outside of family and relatives.
  14. Computers:  Pass off keyboarding keystrokes and type at least 15 WPM.
  15. PTA:  Submit a Reflections entry.
  16. Egg Drop:  Follow project rules and submit an entry.
  17. Tardies:  Have no more than 3 during the year.
  18. Absences:  Have no more than 3 absences during the year, excused or unexcused.
  19. Share a talent with your class.
  20. Participate in the school play.
  21. Participate in choir.
  22. Participate in orchestra.
  23. Do 25 sit-ups, 20 push-ups and run an 8-minute mile.
  24. Prepare a 1-2 page research paper on an approved topic and present a 5-minute oral report to the class (this must be in addition to the regular assigned work).
  25. Have no more than three (3) “Think Times” during the year.

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Fifth Grade
Distinguished Cub Requirements

Choose any 12 of the following:

  1. Memorize The Preamble of the U.S. Constitution.
  2. Memorize and identify the 50 states on a map.
  3. Memorize the postal abbreviations of the 50 states.
  4. Complete a 100 problem Multiplication facts test in 5 minutes with 90% or above accuracy.
  5. Complete 12 book reports, at your level.
  6. Write and publish at least eight (8) new stories in Writer’s Workshop (Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and Paragraphs are necessary).
  7. Identify and match the names of each state’s capital.
  8. Complete a 100 problem Division facts test in 5 minutes with 90% or above accuracy.
  9. Read five (5) Award Winning books and complete a book report for each.
  10. Choose a topic to research on the internet and write a 1,000 word report on it.
  11. Prepare and do a 3-5 minute presentation in front of the class about a historical figure of your choice. Presentations can be oral reports, power points, student-made videos or plays, etc.
  12. Participate in the school wide Reflections Contest.
  13. Participate in the school Musical, Orchestra, Choir or be a member of Student Council.
  14. Maintain all “E’s” in Citizenship for the full school year.
  15. Set and reach a personal goal. Write a one page report on your experience.
  16. Participate in the school 5th grade Science Fair.
  17. Maintain 100% attendance all year.

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Sixth Grade
Distinguished Cub Requirements

6 required from each section (teacher verify/parent verify).  12 total required to earn the award.  Items marked with a asterisk* are mandatory.

 Teacher Verify

  1. Achieve Excellent Ratings in Work Skills (students may receive a Satisfactory in term 1, but must show improvement in term 2)*
  2. Achieve Excellent Ratings in Social Skills (students may receive a Satisfactory in term 1, but must show improvement in term 2)*
  3. Achieve positive yearly growth in Guided Reading Level or test within the 6-8 Lexile reading band*
  4. Demonstrate mastery in Reading/Language Arts.
  5. Demonstrate mastery in Social Studies.
  6. Demonstrate mastery in Mathematics.
  7. Demonstrate mastery in Science.
  8. Demonstrate mastery in Technology.
  9. Participate in Healthy Lifestyles.
  10. Participate in Performing and Fine Arts.
  11. Actively contribute to help create a positive classroom environment.
  12. Other requirements as directed by homeroom teacher.

Parent Verify

  1. Communicate and deliver school business/notes to parents*
  2. Give 20 hours of community service*
  3. Set and achieve a measurable personal academic goal*
  4. Graduate from DARE.
  5. Read independently at home on a consistent basis (should average about 20 minutes per day).
  6. Has 6 or fewer tardies all year.
  7. Enter the PTSA Reflection Contest.
  8. Sufficiently participates in Safety Patrol.
  9. Participate in a school-sponsored activity (school play, choir, geography bee, science fair, etc.).
  10. Participate in an extracurricular activity such as dance, sports, martial arts, music, or drama for a season.
  11. Create a blog, website, or power point presentation, or podcast.
  12. Other requirements as directed by parent and pre-approved by homeroom teacher.

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