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Code of Conduct

Click here for a .pdf version of the MS Code of Conduct

Mountain Shadows is an excellent school where the teachers,  principal, and staff work together to provide all students the opportunity to learn in a safe, meaningful, academic environment; empowering each student to pursue learning as a lifelong goal.

As we work together, we will have a successful school where students feel confident and happy while they learn.

RESPECT is a key word at Mountain Shadows.  Respect for self, respect for others, and respect for property are essential elements of school success.  Parents, please keep the issue of respect in mind as you review this booklet with your students.

It is the intent of the faculty and staff to lead students toward being productive, informed, disciplined, and fulfilled individuals.  To achieve these goals, mutual respect and understanding must be present in the learning process on the part of all participants -- the faculty, staff, students, parents and community.

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The following conduct is considered dangerous or disruptive and is prohibited on school property at any time:

  1. Possessing or bringing any potentially harmful item (including, but not limited to : guns, knives, weapons, explosives, poisonous items, lighters, matches, or any flammable materials)
  2. Possessing or bringing any item that cannot be legally possessed by a juvenile (including, but not limited to: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, over-the-counter drugs, or unauthorized medication).
  3. Possessing or bringing any facsimile of the items in #1-2 (including but not limited to: toy guns, pocket knives, lighters, matches, drug paraphernalia, or items represented as drugs).
  4. Attempting, threatening, conspiring, or committing any act that could result in harm to others or to the school (including, but not limited to:  stealing, vandalism, assault, arson, playing with matches or lighters, sexual harassment, or gang related activities).

Students who violate the Safe School Policy will face disciplinary action in the form of:  restitution, suspension, or removal from school.

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Respect is the key word in Jordan District's Schools -- respect for self, others and property.  All students are expected to behave in a courteous and pleasant manner.  Appropriate behaviors are expected in the classroom, on the playground, on buses, on the way to and from school, and at all school activities.  Mountain Shadows students should abide by the following school rules for behavior in all areas of the school and playground:

  • I will follow directions the first time I am asked.
  • I will be in the proper place at the proper time.
  • I will be respectful of school property and the property of others.
  • I will conduct myself in a safe manner.
  • I will keep my hands, feet and objects to myself.
  • I will keep a proper voice level and only use polite words.
  • I will treat classmates, teachers and staff members with respect.

When students follow the school rules, they feel good about themselves, learn more and may earn extra privileges.  They may also earn positive notes home, Positive Paws, and the Star Student Award.

Building Conduct

Running in the school is not allowed.  Students will be expected to enter and leave the building in an orderly, quiet, and safe manner, using their assigned door.  They are also expected to walk to activities in a line as directed by their teacher.  Disruptive items, including, but not limited to toys, electronic games and sports equipment  should not be brought to school.

Restroom Conduct

Students are expected to show good judgment and proper behavior in all restroom areas. 

  • Cleanliness and good health habits are very important. Always flush the toilet and wash your hands.
  • Be considerate of the people using the restroom after you.  Please leave it clean.
  • Restroom are not places to meet with your friends.

Student who write on the walls, misuse paper products or soap, or damage restroom property will be expected to pay for those repairs and will receive appropriate disciplinary action.

Lunchroom Conduct

Our lunchroom is designed to be a place where students can come and enjoy a meal with their classmates.  While at lunch students are expected to do the following:

  • Show respect for the supervisors at all times.
  • Yelling is not allowed.  Use appropriate voices.
  • Help keep the lunchroom clean.  Pick up all garbage.
  • Never throw food or touch another student’s lunch.
  • No running or trading seats after seated.
  • Food never leaves the lunchroom!

Assembly Conduct

Programs and assemblies are scheduled throughout the school year.  All attending students will be expected to follow rules and show respect for presenters by being attentive during the program and remaining seated.  We encourage students to show appreciation by applauding politely, no yelling or “cat calls”.

Playground Conduct

These rules are in place for the overall safety and enjoyment of the student body when on the playground.

  1. We will not allow students to play in areas that are unsafe and/or unsupervised.  This includes, but is not limited to; front lawns or sidewalks, parking lots, on or in trees, walls near main doors or kindergarten areas, by fences, bike racks or cages, or other areas that cannot be seen by supervisors.
  2. Balls, jump ropes, swings, slides, and other equipment should be used properly and safely.
  3. Contact games which include tackling, tripping, wrestling, or pushing will not be permitted at school.
  4. Leave snow on the ground.  Throwing objects of any kind, including snow, ice, rocks, sticks, wood chips, and sand is not permitted.
  5. Sliding on the ice or lawns is not permitted.
  6. Students should always treat supervising adults with respect and follow their directions at all times.
  7. Fighting is not allowed.  No one will be allowed to hit or otherwise abuse another student.  This also includes “play fighting”.  Suspension may be given to students who are fighting.

Cell Phones and other Personal Electronics

Students are allowed to have personal MP3 players, iPods, cell phones, etc. with them at school, but these devices may not be turned on or used during the school day (8:25 - 3:05). We realize the possible need for this technology, but do not wish for these devices to interfere with academic instruction or the classroom setting.  All personal electronics brought to school are done so at the responsibility of the student, and Mountain Shadows cannot be held liable for damage or loss.

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At Mountain Shadows we believe personal decision making gives students personal power.  We have adopted a school-wide discipline strategy called “Think Time”.  These strategies are designed to help students make positive decisions about their behavior.  When students at Mountain Shadows choose not to follow the school rules, they may be asked to go to “Think Time”.  “Think Time” is an area within a classroom where students can go to think about their behavior and decide how to change it.  While at “Think Time” students are asked to answer the following questions both verbally and in written form:

  • What was my behavior?
  • What should I do differently?
  • Will I be able to do it?

When the above questions have been answered, the student returns to classroom learning.  Disruptions and abusive behaviors that interfere with the learning or safety of other students will not be tolerated.  In instances where behaviors violate the school code of conduct, parental support may be requested.  Frequent or serious violations will be investigated and, if necessary, a parent conference will be held.

The Jordan School District does not tolerate acts of bullying, violence, use or possession of weapons, criminal behavior, sexual harassment or gang activity in schools, on school property or in the proximity of school or school activities.  Students whose actions pose a threat to the health or safety of a student, teacher, or staff member may be suspended from school and/or referred to a district level hearing that could result in expulsion from school.  A complete copy of policy AS67 NEG - Discipline of Students is located at the Jordan School District website.


Student dress is a constant challenge for faculty and staff as it plays a roll in the learning process.  As a school we will enforce Jordan School District dress policy AA419: “There is a reasonable connection between proper dress and grooming and the successful operation of a school with respect to discipline, as well as student achievement.”  The following is an abbreviated version of policy AA419: (For a complete copy please consult the Jordan School District website).

Items that disrupt the educational mission shall not be allowed.  Items such as clothing, backpacks, water bottles, jewelry, lunch bags, etc., shall  be free of writing or pictures which are crude, vulgar, profane, violent, sexually suggestive or gang related.  Items that advertise tobacco, alcohol or drugs, or which are contrary to the educational mission shall not be allowed.

All students shall maintain their hair in a clean, well-groomed manner.  Hair which is so conspicuous, extreme or odd in color or style that it draws undue attention or tends to disrupt the learning atmosphere, shall not be allowed.  All students shall wear clean clothing.  Clothing, jewelry, accessories and piercing that are so conspicuous, extreme or odd that they draw undue attention, disrupt, interfere with or pose a health or safety issue shall not be allowed.

Students shall not wear clothes that are mutilated, cut off or immodest.  Clothing shall cover the midriff, underwear,  backs, shoulders, and cleavage at all times.  Skirts, dresses and shorts must be at least mid-thigh length or longer when seated.  Shoes that insure personal safety and hygiene shall be worn at all times. School personnel may require students to wear certain types of clothing for health and safety reasons in connection with certain specialized activities.  We do not wear hats, hoods or sunglasses in the building, except if approved as part of a special activity.

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School attendance is mandatory under Utah State Compulsory Education Law.  “Frequent absences of students from the day-to-day classroom experiences disrupt the instructional process.  The benefits of instruction, once lost, cannot be entirely regained. Therefore, the local school will make every effort to encourage regular attendance for all students and to assist parents in their responsibility to have their children attend school regularly.”  Regular attendance is the key to academic success.

Students should be in school unless they are sick or otherwise incapacitated.  If your child is sick, please keep them home if they are contagious.  If your child is going to be absent, please call the office at 801 963-0291 to report the absence.

Students arriving after 8:30 are tardy, and they will need to check-in at the office.  District Policy requires that all tardies be recorded.

School Hours

School office hours are from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Monday - Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. on Friday.  The academic day begins at 8:25 a.m. and ends at 3:05 p.m., with the exception of Fridays when the day ends at 1:25 p.m.  Students should not arrive before 8:10 a.m. unless they are eating breakfast, and they should not be at school later than 15 minutes after the end of the academic day.

Our Kindergarten schedule is as follows:


A.M. Bell Schedule
M-Th 8:25 a.m. - 11:10 a.m.
F 8:25 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.


P.M. Bell Schedule
M-Th 12:25 p.m. - 3:05 p.m.
F 11:25 p.m. - 1:25 p.m.


Checking In & Checking Out

Once students arrive at school, they will not be allowed to leave except with a parent or parent designee.  If you need to check your student out for an appointment, you will need to come in to the office for your signature.  You will be asked to show your ID whenever you check a child out- even if we know you.  We will not relase a student to an individual who is not listed on Skyward.  You can make changes to emergency contact information at any time.  Your student’s safety is our primary concern! 

Inclement Weather

To help ensure the heath and safety of our students, we have established an inclement weather protocol.   We request all students come to school appropriately dressed for the weather of the day.  Each student should have a coat, hat, and gloves as necessitated by the temperature.  Students are welcome to come into the building on inclement “inside” days.  An announcement will be made at 8:10 if students should be inside in the morning. Students should come in and sit quietly in their classroom until class begins.  Running or loud play in the hallways or classrooms on inside days is not allowed.

Un-enrolled Students

Students who are not enrolled in Mountain Shadows are not to be on school grounds during the school day, or in the building unless accompanied by a parent.

Secondary Students

Middle and High School students who are here during the school day are considered to be trespassing, unless with a parent.

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Distinguished Cub

At Mountain Shadows we believe that all students are capable of achieving their personal best.  Distinguished Cub Awards are given to students who complete a set of requirements as defined by each grade level.  All students can earn a Distinguished Cub Award through hard work and persistence.  Teachers will provide a list of the grade level requirements, and they are also posted in the hallway areas of each grade.  Requirements must be completed three weeks prior to the last day of school.

Attendance Awards

As a faculty and staff we strive to provide the best education possible for our students.  In order for this to occur, students need to be in attendance and in their classroom on time.  Attendance Awards will be given to students who demonstrate outstanding attendance and punctuality.  These awards will be presented during the student awards assembly at the end of the school year.

Star Student Awards

Star Student Awards will be presented to one student in each classroom, each week.  These teacher nominated students earn this award by doing better work in one or more area in their academic class work, or by reaching individual goals.  It is our intention that  each child will earn this award sometime during the year and that through this incentive we will see “more students doing better work.”

Lanyards & Beads Incentive

At the beginning of the year, each student will be given a Lanyard and name tag which they will wear on Fridays. (Or last day of the week)  Students can earn beads to add to their lanyard throughout the year.  Each month a different color bead will be available to earn through academic success, following directions or meeting individual student goals.  Students may also earn a charm for good attendance each month.  There are other opportunities to earn special beads for participating in various activities throughout the year.  Students will bring their lanyards and beads home at the end of the year.

Positive Paws

Mountain Shadows students will have the opportunity to learn and practice positive social skills throughout the school year.  These skills will not only help them learn how to get along with other students, teachers and staff at school, but will be beneficial to them as they continue their journey to adulthood.  Each month 2 positive social skills will be taught and practiced.  Students will be recognized and given an instant reward for their efforts in learning and using these skills by earning “Positive Paw” slips.  These slips will be entered in a classroom drawing. On Friday, one positive paw slip is drawn in each classroom, and these students are announced during Monday morning announcements.  They come to the office to be recognized by the administration and given a reward.




Following Instruction/Listening Waiting Working Together
Joining In Interrupting Appropriately Reporting Behavior




Giving a Compliment Resolving a Disagreement Express Yourself
Accepting a Compliment Resisting Peer Pressure Showing You Care




Making and Apology Accepting "No" Asking a Question
Accepting an Apology Volunteering Answering a Question

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Phone Calls

We have an overwhelming amount of phone calls each day with messages for students.  Please make arrangements for rides before school so that we do not have to interrupt classrooms and the office staff during the school day.  There are also a limited number of phone lines and so students will not be allowed to use the school phone unless it is an emergency.   Bad weather, playtime, and arranging for rides are not considered an emergency.

Bicycles, Scooters etc.

The school cannot assume responsibility for stolen, lost or damaged bikes or scooters.  Mountain Shadows provides bike racks and cages for bikes and scooters.  These cages are not locked!  You should provide a lock for your bike or scooter.  Students on school property must walk their bikes or scooters.  These are not to be ridden on school grounds or while crossing marked crosswalks.  These rules are enforced before and after school.

Skateboards, or rollerblades/ shoes are never allowed at school due to the danger they pose.  Please do not allow your child to bring these items to school.

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